Chris Mullin Coming Home?

by Marcel Mutoni

In the minds of the New York-area editors and writers, it’s only a matter of days before Isiah Thomas is unceremoniously handed his pink slip. As a result, we’re getting daily speculation as to who’s going to replace him and try his hand at rescuing this train-wreck of a franchise known as the Knicks.

Everyone from Donnie Walsh, Jerry West, and Jerry Colangelo has been mentioned as being in the running for the job.

Today’s candidtate is New York native Chris Mullin. From the NY Post:

Golden State GM Chris Mullin is expected to emerge as a top candidate for the Knicks GM job if Isiah Thomas eventually is fired from his dual role as coach and president, The Post has learned.

Mullin, who has stubbornly hung on to his haircut from the 1950s (A decision I wholeheartedly endorse, by the way), is extremely popular in the Bay Area and has at least one more guaranteed year as Golden State Warriors GM.

By the time Isiah gets the boot, the city’s papers will try to convince us that just about every New York City basketball icon who ever lived is about to get hired. I can only hope that Kenny Anderson’s name will appear in the rumor pages before the dust settles.