Chris Paul Compares the Clippers to a Baskin Robbins Menu

Everyone is pumped up about the new-look Los Angeles Clippers — to the point that “Lob City” has been uttered so many times that the nickname has already become nauseating. Chris Paul has come up with a more creative way to describe his new teammates. From ESPN: “… These Clippers have as good a halfcourt quarterback as there is in the game today. And does Chris Paul ever love his receivers. ‘It’s unreal,’ Paul said. ‘When I get into the lane, man, it’s like you’re in Baskin Robbins, you know what I’m saying? You just pick whatever you want.’ He can start with his backcourt mate, the savvy Chauncey Billups. DeAndre Jordan is there to throw down anything in the vicinity of the backboard. And when the offense gets stuck and the passing lanes get clogged and the shot clock’s ticking down their last resort is often Caron Butler. As in, former All-Star Caron Butler. If the fourth quarter of Wednesday’s game is any indication, the Clippers also have a power forward with an expanding repertoire of moves. Blake Griffin turned a four-possession sequence into a How I Spent My Summer Vacation essay, showing off an up-and-under baseline move, an across-the-lane hanging jumper, a drive that started 22 feet from the hoop, featured a spin move along the way and finished as a layup with a foul. Then he hit a stepback jumper. ‘It was a lot of things going on there,’ Vinny Del Negro said.”