Chris Paul Says NBA Players Shouldn’t Be Blamed for Taking Max Deals

LA Clippers All-Star point guard Chris Paul serves as president of the players’ union, and as one would expect, he’s all for his peers getting paid as much as possible.

Folks like Kobe Bryant and the executive director of the NBPA recently came out and blasted the notion of putting a cap on player salaries.

CP3 says fans and media shouldn’t blame the players for accepting max dollars from ownership.

Per CBS Sports:

As the president of the union, have you taken notice of some of the banter in the past couple of weeks, particularly Kobe Bryant coming out really strong that players shouldn’t be blamed for taking max money when the owners are making more?


Paul: “I didn’t know that, actually. I’ll definitely try to look into it a little bit. I don’t think guys should be blamed for taking max contracts, though.”


What about when fans expect players to take less money so that the team can have a better chance to win?


Paul: “Do they? […] I feel like there’s definitely a conversation to be had there, a lot of dialogue. But fans, at the end of the day, want to see players go out and play. And guys want to try to earn as much as they can in this short amount of time that we have to play our careers.”