Chris Paul: Utah Jazz Fans Are ‘Complete Homers’

by April 19, 2017
chris paul

After leading the Clippers to a 99-91 Game 2 win against the Utah Jazz, Chris Paul was asked about heading to Utah for Game 3.

Paul said that Utah has “a lot of fans there that are compete homers” (around 0:40 in the clip above). Somehow, the comment offended Jazz fans.

When asked to explain what he meant by “complete homers,” CP3 said that the reporter was “reaching.”

CP3: Tell me what you took it as, if you that reaching.


Reporter: I took it as a compliment.


CP3: Exactly, that means they like their team. Like, why even try that though? I’ve said that before, they’re homers. When you go there you don’t really see opposing team’s jerseys.


They support their team, which is good. So how could you even take that another way?

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