Chris Paul: ‘Winning 50 Games, That’s Easy’

by January 09, 2017

Fifty victories is a piece of cake for the LA Clippers, according to Chris Paul.

CP3 says that his squad, however, is aiming much higher.

Paul, 31, became the third fastest player in NBA history to reach the 15,000-point, 8,000-assist mark Sunday (two nights after moving into the top 10 on the career assists list.)

Per the Clippers’ team website:

Paul joined Gary Payton, Jason Kidd and the NBA’s all-time leader in assists, John Stockton, as the only players in the top 10 in career assists and top 15 in career steals.


“That’s cool, it’s an honor,” Paul said. “It’s a privilege. For me, it’s crazy. I’m so competitive I think about all the game I missed because of injuries, but that’s an honor and a privilege. I think it says a lot about my teammates and my coaches that I’ve had over the years.”


“We’re talented, we’ve got enough guys,” Paul said. “We’re going to win games, but for us, it’s bigger than that. We can go out…not trying to be funny, but winning 50 games, that’s easy. Not for everybody, but for us, that’s easy. But for us, its big picture. We’re trying to build for something bigger than that.”

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