Chris Rock to Mark Jackson: ‘Now Steph Curry’s Going to Play Defense for the White Man’

by April 08, 2015

First-year head coach Steve Kerr raised a few eyebrows at the beginning of the season when he announced that Stephen Curry was on his way to becoming a great defender.

Curry has improved vastly on the defensive side of the ball, as he continues to make a case for his first MVP award.

Comedian Chris Rock, in a video birthday tribute to former Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson, joked that the All-Star guard is now suddenly giving it his all on defense because a white guy is coaching him.

Per the Bay Area News Group:

“I know what you’re thinking,” Rock said before starting to joke. “You watch the games, and you go, ‘Oh so now Steph Curry’s going to play defense for the white man. Couldn’t play it for the brother. Now he’s like Dennis Rodman.”


“Couldn’t do it for you. Yeah, everybody’s boxing out now. Couldn’t do it for a black man. Ooh, they play some defense for the white man, don’t they? Ooh, they play some good defense for the white man.”


Curry has improved his defense this season and gotten more opportunities to guard top opposing players. The Warriors last season were third in the NBA in defensive efficiency with Jackson at the helm before becoming the top-ranked defense under coach Steve Kerr. […] Rock was one of many celebrity friends of Jackson who provided videos of themselves wishing the ESPN broadcaster a happy 50th birthday Wednesday.