CJ McCollum Says Paul George ‘Would Look Good in Red and Black’

by May 03, 2017
cj mccollum paul george

Last week, Blazers guard CJ McCollum was asked on twitter who he thinks Portland should go after in the offseason.

McCollum responded with Paul George‘s handle “@Yg_Trece”.

George has been the subject of trade rumors for seemingly the past year, and the Pacers reportedly were listening to offers prior to February’s trade deadline.

CJ opened up a bit about his desire to play with George during a conversation with Taylor Rooks this week in New York:

“Paul George is the homie. He’s with Nike. I’ve had some discussions with him about the season, and what it’s like to go from… He was behind Danny Granger for a while. [Granger] gets hurt, and then he comes up and becomes a star and kinda takes over.


“So just talking to him about his mindset. He would look good in red and black that’s all.


“He gives you that star power. You’re in the Western Conference. Obviously there’s a lot of very good teams. A lot of teams that are deep. A lot of teams that have three, four horsemen. Some teams have five. And you have to be able to match them blow for blow.


“It takes a lot more than one good player, two good players, three good players. You need to have a collective unit. Obviously, Paul George would help any team in the NBA.”

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