Class of Athletes, Led by Ed O’Bannon, File Suit Against NCAA

by July 22, 2009

In a move that’s been a long time coming, a class action lawsuit was filed against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on behalf of a class consisting of thousands of former DI athletes who are alleging the NCAA violated and is continuing to violate federal law by not cutting them in on profit gained from the use of their likenesses. Representing the class is the 1995 MOP of the Final Four and one of UCLA’s finest players, Ed O’Bannon. According to reports: “The Complaint seeks injunctive relief that will enjoin the NCAA from its alleged anticompetitive practices and protect students in the future.” It’s worth mentioning that Sonny Vaccaro, mentor to a generation of amateur athletes, has been brought in as a consultant by the plaintiffs.

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