Clippers Fan Files $5 Million Lawsuit for Spamming His Cell Phone

by December 11, 2013

The LA Clippers’ marketing department is being hit with a $5 million lawsuit by a fan alleging that the team spammed his cell phone. Per TMZ: “The guy behind the lawsuit is Ari Friedman — who claims he went to a game at Staples Center and participated in one of those arena games where you can send a text message to the team that could get posted on the stadium scoreboard. In a lawsuit, Ari claims the team assured fans they would not share cell phone information or send return text messages but alas, Ari claims the Clips broke that promise. After the game, Ari says he got hit with text message spam which traced back to the Clippers. He’s pissed because incoming text messages can cost several cents in charges. Now, Ari’s filed a class action lawsuit demanding $5 million from the team for his troubles.”