Comedian Ron Artest: ‘I Get Most of My Jokes in the Bathroom’

Ron-Ron talks about his budding stand-up comedian career, and where the inspiration for his material comes from (plus what Artest’s future plans are in the entertainment industry.) From SI: “Artest: We’re definitely going to do some more comedy shows. We had four a month, but one of them got canceled but then we picked up like 10 more. I was going to go overseas and keep it going and get a check, but the comedy shows are paying [as much as I would earn playing] overseas, so I can just stay over here and do comedy shows.’ I don’t know anything about the comedy game, but that surprises me to hear that it pays that well. It’s pretty lucrative? Artest: ‘Yeah man. It’s pretty surprising. I was surprised, and I’m just being myself. The guy who booked me is booking some more, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be doing this for a little second. I’m pretty sure.’ … So what’s your comedy process? You sit down and write your material or go off the cuff or what? Artest: ‘I get most of my jokes in the bathroom. I go to the bathroom and come up with some silly stuff, some good stuff, and then I go get my pen and pad and my recorder, just to see how I’m going to do it. I’m not doing the whole set, but I’m trying to figure out which joke I’m going to say and how I’m going to say it. So I practice it, and then I go out there and do it.'”