Copper Foamposite Is Upon Us

by Chris O’Leary/olearychris

Every once in a while a shoe drops that makes you remember why you love sneakers. It was never in question that the copper Nike Foamposite was one of these shoes (for me, anyway), but that once in a while part has fluctuated as of late.

Foot Locker is confirming that one of the best colorways of the shoes that Penny Hardaway and to a lesser extent Mike Bibby (shoutout to the Wildcats in ’97!) made famous will be up for grabs on Feb. 13, selling at House of Hoops and select Foot Locker spots. They’ll also be available at Footaction, who’s having a midnight release on the 13th. Just to be clear, that midnight release means you’ll need to start lining up on Friday if these shoes make you swoon.

And yeah, it’s okay if shoes make you swoon. It doesn’t make you less of a man or anything to admit that. Reassure yourself of it enough and you’ll believe it. Check out more pics of the copper Foamposite here.

Nike Foamposite Copper

Pic via Foot Locker.