Corey Maggette on Trade to Bobcats: ‘I Was Ecstatic’

by June 30, 2011

On Draft night, Corey Maggette was traded from one Eastern Conference franchise to another, but his new one is owned by the greatest basketball player of all time, so he didn’t mind too much. Via HOOPSWORLD: “‘If you understand Michael Jordan’s game, then you know that he’s a winner,’ Maggette said. ‘Eventually, he’s going to get to the point where he’s winning. He’s definitely trying to start that process and get the right caliber of players and leadership that he wants for his ballclub. When I heard that I was going to play for Michael Jordan’s team, it was an honor.’ ‘If you know Michael, he’s definitely starting in this field as an owner and still understanding about the business of basketball, but he’s an incredible winner,’ he added. ‘He has an incredible drive and that’s something that Michael will never let go.’ The Bobcats have only nine players under contract for next season and their $47,481,490 payroll should fall under the cap in the next collective bargaining agreement. Maggette believes that Jordan will be able to attract free agents to Charlotte. ‘Who wouldn’t want to play for Michael Jordan?’ Maggette asked. ‘He’s one of the greatest players ever. I mean, when I heard about it, I was ecstatic about this. I think Mike is going to do a great job.'”