Courtney Lee: Grizzlies Happy if Russell Westbrook Shoots More Than Kevin Durant

by April 23, 2014

The Memphis Grizzlies’ primary concern on defense, of course, is Kevin Durant. If OKC Thunder guard Russell Westbrook wants to make their lives easier by continuing to jack up 20+ shots, Courtney Lee says that suits the Grizz just perfectly. Per Sports 56 WHBQ and The Oklahoman:

More Russell Westbrook is A-OK with Memphis Grizzlies guard Courtney Lee.

Lee said he’s just fine with Westbrook taking more shots for the Thunder in their Western Conference series. It’s better than the alternative – aka Kevin Durant.

Westbrook and Durant each attempted 28 shots in the Thunder’s 111-105 loss to Memphis on Monday, with Westbrook hitting 11 shots to Durant’s 12.