CP3 Says Goodbye to His Alley-Oop Buddy

by July 29, 2009

Here’s Chris Paul on Tyson Chandler’s departure: “New Orleans Hornets superstar point guard Chris Paul, speaking during a break at his basketball camp Tuesday at Tulane, said he has mixed emotions about the Hornets trading Tyson Chandler to the Charlotte Bobcats for Emeka Okafor. ‘I’m missing a great friend,’ Paul said. ‘A brother. TC was my man. Not just during the basketball season; his wife, his kids, his in-laws, he was somebody I could talk to about anything and he made me a better player.’ But Paul said ‘it’s over and done with now. I’m excited by Emeka getting here. He brings that shot-blocking presence and he’s got the ability to make post moves.'”