Cuttino Mobley Looking to Play in the NBA Again

Due to a heart condition, Cuttino Mobley was forced to retire back in 2008. He says that the Knicks more-or-less had him blacklisted because of the heart ailment, and claims that he can still play in the League. My Fox Houston reports: “This week Mobley was back on the court in Houston taking part in pick up games with NBA players like Washington Wizards forward Rashard Lewis, Indiana Pacers guard T.J. Ford and Houston Rockets guard Kyle Lowry. However, Mobley wants more than that. He wants to play with and against those guys again when the games matter and he said he and his agent, Andy Miller, have made the NBA aware of his situation. ‘I’ve been trying to do that,’ Mobley said. ‘You have to get doctor’s evaluations and all this other stuff, but you got to understand too what the Knicks put out there, the notion, nobody wants to take that chance now. I’ve been playing with it for so many years. You ask yourself was it genuine or did you do it for a reason? I’m not done. It depends on what the league says when the time comes. It’s been a difficult process. ‘What the Knicks did kind of putting a stomp in it and giving people that fear about me, something I was born with.’ Mobley said he is not happy with the way the Knicks handled his situation in 2008.”