D-Wade: ‘I hear from LeBron that I’m the Worst Finisher in the League’

According to the Three Amigos down in South Beach, tough love is what’s helping the team to gel, with the end-result being wins. From the Miami Herald: “It’s in the locker room where LeBron James can tell Dwyane Wade, with impunity, that he’s the worst finisher in the league and can’t even make a layup. It’s there where a collection of stars is becoming a constellation of cohesion. It’s in the locker room — and for the next seven days, aboard an airplane to the West — where the Heat is becoming a team. The Heat (13-8) has won four consecutive games since its players-only meeting in Dallas eight days ago. It took a series of setbacks — four losses in five games — to move this team forward. In Dallas, players opened up, reached out and didn’t hold back. Not even Wade, the team’s co-captain, was immune to criticism. ‘I think we all looked at each other and we [held] each other accountable for our games,’ Wade said. ‘I hear from LeBron all the time now that I’m the worst finisher in the league now because I can’t make a layup sometimes. But it helps me out because now I want to prove him wrong. We just stay on each other and I think that meeting kind of helped us going forward to let everyone know, ‘It’s fine, I can take it,’ and we’ve been doing it.'”