D-Wade is Still Mad at the Hawks

by May 01, 2009

Give him some time, he’ll eventually get over it: “Dwyane Wade had a razor-sharp edge Thursday, and the Heat’s battered All-Star guard made precision cuts on everyone in his sights. Wade had particular disdain for Atlanta guard Mario West, who celebrated after Wade missed a three-pointer at the halftime buzzer in Wednesday’s Game 5, which the Heat lost 106-91. The Hawks had a 23-point lead at the time. Wade said the second-year guard ‘has not been a factor’ in this series. He called West’s celebration “funny” and ridiculed his judgment. ‘What is this game coming to?’ Wade asked rhetorically. Wade also was peeved that Atlanta forward Josh Smith tried a between-the-legs dunk in the fourth quarter when the Hawks still had a 20-point lead. ‘It is (disrespectful),’ Wade said, ‘and one thing I go back to is something my high school coach always told me: Act like you’ve done something before.'”