Dalembert’s Stories of Horror from Haiti

Sammy D returned from his devastated homeland with tales of woe: “After a 98-90 home loss to the Trail Blazers, Dalembert, who left Haiti before Wednesday’s aftershock, became emotional when talking about the conditions facing so many children, especially the difficulty in finalizing adoptions with so many kids in desperate need. He pledged another $250,000 after already contributing $130,000. ‘I had surgeries performed in front of me on folding kitchen tables,’ Dalembert said. ‘The situation is so terrible. Kids are running around with no sandals. Doctors take shifts and work like 20 hours straight. You can see they’re so tired in their eyes, then they hop a plane, sleep and come back two days later (to do it again). Dalembert also has long-term concerns, such as feeding and housing hundreds of thousands of people until homes can be rebuilt. Tents seem to be the best temporary option. ‘I tried to be strong,’ Dalembert said. ‘It was enough for me.”’