Dallas Mavericks, Orlando Magic Discussing a Dwight Howard Trade

According to Dallas Mavericks general manager Donnie Nelson, the Orlando Magic and the Mavs have had preliminary talks regarding disgruntled superstar center Dwight Howard. The two sides plan to meet again to chat about a potential trade (which seems like a very long shot at this point.) Per Fox Sports: “Mavs GM Donnie Nelson and Magic GM Orlando GM Rob Hennigan visited last week about a Dwight Howard trade and ‘will probably talk again,’ Nelson said. […] But while Howard has allegedly been assured by some inside the Orlando organization that his wish will be granted — with the Nets, Lakers and Mavs topping his wishlist — the Magic are wisely showing no urgency to make a bad deal. And in their minds, offers from the Nets and Lakers — offers that went very public and therefore were portrayed as ‘close’ — were also ‘bad.’ Meanwhile, Nelson and Hennigan visited last week about a Dwight Howard trade. But … ‘There’s just not much there (in terms of a Mavs-Magic trade to be done in 2012),’ Nelson tells us. Nelson suggests that there are offers on the table for Dwight that ‘trump’ what Dallas can present now or in the near future, which includes expiring contracts, the promise of cap space, and maybe the willingness to take back contract ballast. An NBA source says that Orlando believes its offer from the Lakers is the superior one (it can involve Andrew Bynum). But if it was sufficient enough, Orlando would be pulling the trigger. Instead, it continues to attempt to work with Dwight, who is a free agent next summer and clearly now has little intention of re-signing with the Magic. […] Howard’s plan is to escape now to the Nets, Lakers or Mavs. Donnie Nelson’s own admission says the ‘now’ isn’t happening for Dallas. Meanwhile, the Mavs’ plan is to hope he doesn’t escape Orlando prematurely so he can be accommodated in Dallas in the summer of 2013.”