Dallas Mavericks Plan to Re-Sign Vince Carter

Last week, Vince Carter let it be known how much he’d like to stick around Dallas after his three-year, $9 million deal expires this summer. According to the Mavericks’ front-office, they agree with the 37-year old veteran’s belief that he’s earned another contract. Per the Dallas Morning News:

“The feeling is absolutely mutual,” president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said Tuesday. “When you’ve got that kind of veteran leadership, we’re a better team. It’s better for the younger guys. Those are the kind of guys you want in that locker room carrying that baton and eventually passing it along.”

It’s fitting that Carter is a topic since the Mavericks are having a Vince Carter Night tonight for the Golden State game. They’ll give out 15,000 T-shirts promoting Carter for sixth man of the year.

“It exceeds it,” Nelson said of Carter’s production weighed against expectations. “And I think Vince is one of those rare guys that just has gotten better with time. He was a human highlight reel coming out. Now he’s making plays, he’s passing, he’s a leader on the floor. Obviously the 3-ball has really taken his game to a different level and most veteran guys if they’re going to have longevity in the league, you can’t be one-dimensional.”