Dallas Mavericks Players Voted Not to Give Lamar Odom a Playoff Share

by May 07, 2012

If there was any doubt about how Lamar Odom’s former teammates feel about his time as a Maverick, this story should end it pretty quickly. Per the Star Telegram: “If Lamar Odom made any extra cash this season, it would have been with the reality TV show he did with his wife and not because of anything he did with the Dallas Mavericks. That’s because the Mavs players voted Sunday not to give Odom a share of the playoff money they earned this season. Instead, the Mavs decided to split their pool of money for finishing with the seventh-best record in the Western Conference and making the playoffs with the remaining 14 players on their roster. With the total pot being $281,937, that means each player will receive $20,138.32. […] In 50 games for the Mavs, Odom averaged career lows of 6.6 points and 4.2 rebounds, and shot a career-low 35.2 percent from the field in a career-low 20.5 minutes per game. Then, on Apr. 9 the Mavs parted ways with Odom and placed him on the inactive list for the rest of the season. ‘If the Lamar thing would have worked out and if he would have played like the year before when he was the best sixth man, I think we would have had a shot,’ forward Dirk Nowitzki, reffering to the Mavs’ chances of advancing in the playoffs. ‘It would have given us another playmaker, another guy that’s long, that can defend and rebound. But for whatever reason the stuff he was going through off the court was just too much. He couldn’t help us the way he wanted, the way we wanted, and we had to move on without him.'”