Dallas Mavericks Will Get Championship Rings After All

by October 13, 2011

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made the unpopular claim that his team wouldn’t be getting title rings for winning the championship back in June, but he appears to have changed his mind. Wise move, Mark. From the Dallas Morning News: “Mark Cuban, after careful deliberation, has decided that the Mavericks will receive championship rings for their title that was won in June. By ‘careful deliberation,’ we mean it probably came after one night of partying with the players after the Miami series. Back when those things were legal. As you recall, Cuban had an off-the-cuff remark after the championship series against Miami that he thought rings had become too old-school for this day and age. Turns out old-school works for an old team. Anyway, Cuban said: ‘I will get rings, but maybe not quite traditional in one way or another.'”