Dallas Mavericks Working on a Deal for Jason Kidd

by July 05, 2012

Jason Kidd and the Dallas Mavericks are working to finalize a deal for the 18-year NBA veteran point guard. From the Dallas Morning News: “Kidd finished a three-year deal worth $25 million after this past season and is an unrestricted free agent. There had been speculation that he would follow Deron Williams wherever he ended up. But when Williams chose the Brooklyn Nets over the Mavericks, that apparently nixed the idea of Kidd joining him in a package deal. Kidd has made it clear that he hopes to take on a different role as he prepares for his 19th season in the NBA, one that will take him beyond his 40th birthday. He is hoping to become about a 25-minute player per game with the emphasis on closing games, not starting them. […] It’s not known how much Kidd would earn, but it likely would be at a reduced salary from last year’s $8.5 million. It’s also possible he could receive an option year beyond next season, one that would not significantly impact the Mavericks’ financial situation.”