Damian Lillard Says He Won’t Leave Portland to Chase Ring

by May 04, 2017

Damian Lillard held an impromptu Twitter Q&A with fans Thursday afternoon, and once again declared that he won’t go ring chasing.

The 26-year-old says he’s gonna stick it out in Portland, championship or no championship.

Lillard was named the 2016-2017 Magic Johnson Award winner, given to “the player who best combines excellence on the court with cooperation with the public and the media.”


“It comes with the job,” Lillard said. “There will come a day when people won’t want my autograph … and there will come a day when the media doesn’t care what I have to say. So I think you have to appreciate it, and that’s what I try to do. I don’t take either for granted.”


The day after the Blazers were eliminated from the playoffs with a disappointing sweep at the hands of Golden State, Lillard still had one task to perform: Getting the rest of the team to sign off on donating their playoff checks.


When a team makes the playoffs, they are awarded a bonus check. This season, any team participating in the first round of the playoffs was given $223,864 to be divided among players. For the Blazers, that is roughly $16,000 per player.


As captain for the past two seasons, Lillard has made it clear to his teammates that their playoff checks should be donated to the Blazers’ support staff, which consists of everybody from massage therapists to the trainers at the practice facility.

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