Damian Lillard: Warriors Defense ‘Just Not The Same’ Without Bogut

Yes, the Warriors have one of the most ridiculous starting fives the NBA has ever seen. But without Andrew Bogut and others from last season, is the team lacking something significant that helped them get to 73?

Damian Lillard thinks so. The rising superstar, who is off to a red hot start this season, told CSNNW‘s Jason Quick that the defense has taken a dip without the seven foot Australian anchoring the paint.

More from CSNNW:

“It’s not the same,” Lillard said of the Warriors’ defense. “They are a great offensive team and I think they will still be a good defensive team, but it’s different than when (Andrew) Bogut is not back there. It’s just not the same.’


“Watching their game against New Orleans, watching their game against Phoenix — both teams attacked the paint a lot,” Lillard said. “They were attacking rim, attacking the rim, and it kept both teams in the game, so we have to do the same thing.”

Dame gave more insight, pointing to X’s and O’s examples of how the lane has been more open for slashing players:

“I feel confident in my ability to attack whoever, but in a lot of those plays, Draymond likes to help from the weakside … and I saw him sprinting to (Mason Plumlee) to deny, which meant nobody was in the paint. I was taking advantage of that.


“It’s different when you don’t have a guy like Andrew Bogut in that paint. He controlled that paint really well for them on the backside of that defense, so (in that preseason game) I felt good about getting to the rim.”

The Warriors take on Portland tonight at 10 pm EST on NBA TV, so we’ll see how much success the elusive point guard has attacking the rim. It’s on.

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