D’Angelo Russell on T-Mac Tweet: ‘There’s a Lot of Spoiled Lakers Fans’

by August 30, 2015

Remember a couple weeks ago when Lakers rookie PG D’Angelo Russell caused a little bit of a stir when he tweeted that Tracy McGrady “might have been the GOAT” and then had to apologize to Kobe Bryant?

You know, this:


The rook is still hearing about it.

During a recent appearance with Laker fans, Russell tried to explain that whole “controversy” by saying that he simply had a moment of inspiration while watching some old T-Mac tape, and wants the LA fans to chill. “There’s a lot of spoiled Lakers fans,” he said.

From Mark Medina of the LA Daily News:

With one click of a button, Lakers rookie point guard D’Angelo Russell made an impassioned fan base more upset than anything regarding his Summer League play.


Russell suggested in a tweet nearly two weeks ago that Tracy McGrady is the greatest player of all time. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and his legions of fans expressed their disapproval over Russell’s since-deleted tweet, though Russell said Bryant “was cool” about the incident.


“There’s a lot of spoiled Lakers fans. I wasn’t downgrading Kobe at all,” Russell said Saturday in an interview with the Los Angeles News Group. “I was just watching a highlight tape of Tracy McGrady and I got excited. I tweeted and the whole state of California went crazy.”