Danny Ainge: Boston Celtics Look Like ‘Jurassic Park’ Some Nights

by March 30, 2012

Celtics GM Danny Ainge didn’t pull off any major moves at the Trade Deadline this year, and as he assesses the team’s season, Ainge sees a mixed bag. From KFNZ (via SRI): “On the Celtics this season: ‘We’ve been up and down. We’ve had a lot of injuries and we just haven’t been as consistent as we would like. Some nights we’re very, very good and there are some nights where we look like we are Jurassic Park.’ […] How tough it is to balance the here and now with the future when exploring trades: ‘You’re always trying to weigh the difference between the now and the future and sometimes depending on how good your team is you need to do things and sacrifice some things for the future but my philosophy this year, going into this year, were to remain patient, try to be creative as I could but at the same time remain patient and not give into the temptation of doing something that would jeopardize our future.'”