Danny Ainge Says the Celtics Are ‘Not Reacting’ to the Cavaliers

Danny Ainge says that the Boston Celtics aren’t making moves with the Cavaliers in mind.

Ainge added that while the Celtics and Cavs compete to get certain players (Paul George, Jimmy Butler, etc.), his team is not affected by what Cleveland is doing.

From the Dan Patrick Show (starting at 5:02):

How do the Cavs affect what you do, or do they?


Ainge: “It doesn’t. Nope.”




Ainge: “Nothing. It doesn’t matter. We have our own problems and our own challenges. Trying to put players together that can win and compete in the League today is very difficult.


“Obviously, we’re competing to try to get the same players that everybody wants in the League. But other than that, we’re not reacting to things that they’re doing right now.”

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