Danny Granger: ‘Can’t Fault’ Paul George If He Leaves Indiana

Danny Granger spent nine years of his NBA career with the Pacers and built a close relationship with Paul George during PG’s first couple seasons in the League.

While on the Bill Reiter radio show on Monday, Granger lauded George as “the most talented player” to ever suit up for the Pacers, but added that he wouldn’t fault George if he left town in order to pursue a championship.

Granger thinks that it’s “just common sense” that George should go to another team if he doesn’t believe the Pacers can win a title in the near future.

“You look at him in that press conference (after losing to Cleveland) and his face and the dejection on it—the guy wants to win.


“Money don’t make everybody happy, but winning and success and your craft, that does fill a void that a lot of these players have. So you can’t fault him if he leaves Indiana, I’ll tell you that.”

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