Danny Granger Thinks Joakim Noah is a ‘Dirty Player’

by April 27, 2011

Danny Granger and his Pacers are no longer in the Playoffs, which is a shame for the media since they’ll no longer have so many quotes to work with. From the Indy Star and Daily Herald comes Granger’s parting shot: “Granger had to be restrained from going after Bulls center Joakim Noah as the teams exchanged handshakes on the court at the end of the Bulls’ series-ending 116-89 win. Granger accused Noah of playing dirty throughout the game, taking cheap shots at Pacers, including forward Josh McRoberts, who was ejected in the third quarter. Granger was in the hallway outside the locker room using expletives to describe Noah’s play. ‘Everybody saw what Josh did and he got ejected,’ Granger said. ‘Nobody caught what happened first. It’s always the second man. (Noah) was playing dirty the whole game. My teammates got caught with it and nothing happened.’ … ‘Joakim Noah, he’s a dirty player,’ Granger said. ‘I don’t think there’s a place in the game for it. You can make hard fouls and everything, but when you start elbowing people in the face, that’s when fights start breaking out.'”