Dario Saric Will Reportedly Remain In Europe For Three More Seasons

by June 23, 2014

Dario Saric had a chance to be a top-15 pick in Thursday’s Draft, but that’s unlikely now. The forward will remain abroad for at least two more seasons before coming to the L. He can still be drafted, but his team will have to wait for him to arrive. More from ESPN.com:

The deal will have a player option for year three. Saric is expected to receive and sign a contract in the next 24 hours.


The move will essentially prohibit Saric from playing in the NBA for a minimum of two years, the source added.


However, it’s possible that Saric won’t slide too far. Sources say the Hawks at 15, the Celtics at 17, the Suns at 18 and the Bulls at 19 are all looking at Saric and are more comfortable drafting him and keeping him in Europe for the next two seasons.