Darko Milicic Recalls When He Punched a Horse in the Face

by August 02, 2017
darko milicic punch horse

After ending his troubled NBA career in 2012, Darko Milicic is finding peace in his native Serbia as a commercial fruit farmer.

The change of lifestyle was calmed the once-mercurial NBA center, but there are still times when his temper gets the best of him.

In a terrific ESPN feature, Darko tells the story of when his son Lazar got pitched off his saddle and was hanging upside down on a galloping horse.

Darko was so shook after the incident that he uppercutted the horse.

Darko and another man ran out into the ring, shouting. They were able to control the horse after a few seconds, but even once the horse was subdued, Darko found himself quivering.


He scooped Lazar up and held him close. Lazar was crying. Darko was so scared for his son and so angry that he turned around and slugged the horse in the face. […]


“I blame myself,” he says of what happened to Lazar (and the horse). He shouldn’t have let Lazar on that horse in the first place, and he knows that uppercutting the horse afterward was not reasonable, either.


“I didn’t train him,” Darko says. “It’s on me.”