Dave Bing Kindly Asks That You Ignore His Lies

by March 11, 2009

The former Piston already quite amazing at this politics thing: “The former Pistons star told The Associated Press on Wednesday his auto industry work was like having an MBA. Bing has touted the degree while urging athletes to stay in school, but says he didn’t intend to imply he’d earned an MBA in school. Bing also admits he received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Syracuse University in 1995. He previously claimed to have completed school in 1966, but actually was short of credits. On Wednesday, Bing appeared on WWJ and later on WJR-AM in Detroit to discuss a Detroit Free Press report that he made false claims about his education. Radio station WWJ played audio Wednesday morning of Bing saying in the past that he had an MBA from General Motors Institute in Flint, now called Kettering University. Bing then said on air “that is not correct” and added that he didn’t have an MBA from the school. But he continued, ‘I don’t see where that’s a big issue, frankly.'”