Report: David Blatt Accepts Championship Ring From Cavaliers

by October 05, 2016

Former Cavaliers’ head coach David Blatt was fired and replaced by Tyronn Lue midway through last season. After the team’s incredible championship run, Blatt was offered a ring for his contributions. Yesterday, Blatt, who is coaching Darüşşafaka of the Turkish Basketball Super League, confirmed that he has accepted the offer.

Blatt discussed the decision with international basketball reporter David Pick:

(Cleveland) offered and I graciously accepted because they presented it to me in a way that was very respectful. The Cavaliers wanted to give me a ring because the organization felt that I contributed to the championship. It’s not my championship, I recognize that, but I also feel that I did something there, and I graciously accepted because it was a gracious offer on their part. The big thing for me was that I felt that they felt that it was earned, not given, therefore I was happy to accept.

Report: Cavs to Give David Blatt a Championship Ring