David Blatt Says Coaching LeBron James Was a ‘Fantastic Experience’

by June 19, 2015

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt met with the media Thursday, mere moments after a published report claimed that he’d been routinely disrespected by LeBron James throughout the NBA Finals.

It became such a big story that a local reporter embarrassed himself by wrongly stating on the air that Blatt was about to announce his resignation.

The 56-year-old first year coach tried to calm the waters, saying he enjoyed working with ‘Bron and that he’s looking forward to doing it again next season.

Cavs GM David Griffin said the notion of firing Blatt after his first year was absurd.

Per the News-Herald:

The Cavs overcame numerous obstacles last season. Blatt said if most of the roster returns next season, it would be a major boost. […] “To be able to hit the ground running next year with all or most of our roster intact will be just an enormous advantage,” he said. “The kind of grit, determination and identity as a competitive unit that we have shown and developed during the course of the year will give us such a push forward to start the year. We went through an awful lot of growing pains this year, and the process was long and arduous until we sort of found our stride and got our roster to where we wanted to.”


For a team that came two victories from a title, changing coaches isn’t usually on their agenda. That has been the tone of several national reports since the Cavs were eliminated by Golden State in the Finals. […] “I think sensational sells now, and certainly with a team like ours, the more sensational the better,” Griffin said. “LeBron himself said, I think it was June 1, that he thinks Coach has done a hell of a job. So if you want to use his actual words, that’s what the man said. […] From a purely basketball perspective, I’m not quite sure exactly what anybody is looking to have happen. It’s all conjecture. I think one thing David did as well as anybody I’ve ever seen — and I wish I did better — was just ignore the noise from the media perspective. Because frankly, none of that means anything. We know what actually takes place here.”


“He’s a galvanizing player,” Blatt said. “He is our best player. He’s the league’s best player. He’s a winner. He’s a proven champion. I think it’s important that he feels empowered and at the same time that he knows that he’s very much a part of this team. And I think he’s exhibited that, and always put the team’s success beyond his. Now if he has felt that he wants to impose his will in terms of influencing in a positive way on those around him, that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing for all, and I certainly encourage that and certainly respected the fact that LeBron’s heart was in the right place. […] It’s been a lot of fun on a number of different levels,” he said. “It’s not just the challenging aspect. It’s having the opportunity to work with a truly special, special player. I mean, one of the most, if not the most special players of all time. That’s not a small thing. It’s invigorating and exhilarating in all honesty. I can just tell you it’s been a fantastic experience, and I’m looking forward to continuing it,” he said.