David Fizdale Says Kawhi Leonard Is A Robot: ‘He Bleeds Antifreeze’

by April 20, 2017
kawhi leonard

Grizzlies coach David Fizdale remembers all too well when Kawhi Leonard went off against the Heat in the 2014 Finals, and winning the Finals MVP.

Faced once again with the tall task of defeating the Spurs in the playoffs, the Grizzlies head coach said he has yet to find a way to stop Leonard.

Fizdale joked with reporters that the Spurs found a way to get a robot on the court.

“He was standing next to me the other night, and he wasn’t breathing. So I’m going to check the rulebook to see if robots are allowed to play in the NBA.


“Somehow Pop and them know something I don’t know. I think he bleeds antifreeze or something.”

Fizdale might be joking, but Leonard is putting up robot-esque numbers so far in the postseason: 34.5 ppg on just 14.0 FGA and 71.4 percent shooting.

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