David Kahn on Draft Lottery: ‘A Hideous Experience’

by May 20, 2010

The Wolves’ president of basketball operations tells the Star Tribune that he’s not a big fan of the Draft Lottery process: “David Kahn hates the NBA draft lottery, and that was before the Timberwolves became its victim again. ‘It is truly a hideous experience. It is just awful,’ the Wolves’ president said of Tuesday’s gathering of non-playoff teams, all praying that random luck could manage what their forlorn rosters could not. ‘You could almost sense the desperation in the room.’ Yet despite ending up with the fourth pick after turning in the second-worst record in the league, the Wolves’ roster overhaul is not necessarily in desperate shape. As Kahn said after the lottery, ‘we have enough of an arsenal” to acquire the foundation of a winner — draft picks, cap space and tradable assets.”‘