David Kahn Wants a Superstar in Minnesota

by April 12, 2010

The T-Wolves’ GM says Al Jefferson isn’t a go-to-guy at crunch time, and is on the hunt for a closer. The Star Tribune reports: “When he took the job, Kahn publicly questioned whether Al Jefferson is the No. 1 player on a contender. After 15 victories and 64 losses, Kahn and Rambis have concluded they need a player that Rambis compares from recent games to Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant or Miami’s Dwyane Wade and Kahn calls ‘our Brandon Roy.’ Too many nights the Wolves compete for 40 minutes and then play what Kahn calls “absolutely dreadfully” for the other eight. ‘We need our person who we can get the ball and say, ‘Please stop this, please make this better,’ Kahn said. ‘It has been revealing how badly we need that star player here. It’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s obvious to anybody. I would think our players understand that. I was very up front when I took the job that Al wasn’t that player on a championship team. I was trying to take some pressure off Al by saying that because he’s not. Probably Al even understands that. He needs help, lots of it. We have to find out how to obtain a player of that magnitude.’ Kahn calls such a search ‘No. 1 on my to-do list.”‘