David Stern Expects HGH Testing in the NBA Next Season

by February 06, 2013

As had been expected for some time now, testing for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is making its way to the NBA, and fast. According to Commissioner David Stern, it could be in place as early as next season. Per WCCO (via SI): “We watch what’s going on in baseball, we watch the negotiations that are going in with football, and it is my expectation that by next season [we] will be doing blood testing for HGH,’ Stern said. ‘Our players have been terrific. They lead this in some ways, saying, ‘ We do not want to have anything less than the best.’ That’s been the way it’s been since 1983.’ […] ‘If I say I don’t have a concern, everyone says I’m a Pollyanna,’ Stern said. ‘I don’t have any reason to know one way or another. My guess is and my hope is that it’s not widely used in the NBA.'”