David Stern Pushes for Instant Replay

by May 15, 2009

He’d like to see it happen in the NBA, but Stern isn’t holding his breath: “When asked to expand on how he’d like to see replay used, Stern said, ‘I’m a big fan of tennis, and I envy a sport where the action stops after every point, so you can make sure it’s correct. We can’t do that. But I think that as we have continued to take baby steps in this direction, we may be getting closer to a time when at end-game, some kind of a challenge system should be considered. I expect to be voted down 30-0.’ Afterward he said he would like coaches to risk losing a timeout if the call is not overturned, which is the format in place in the NFL. He did not specify what types of calls he would like to see subject to review. Currently officials can use replay to determine whether a shot is a two-pointer or a three-pointer, and whether a shot was released in time before the clock expired at the end of a period. Officials can also use replay after calling a flagrant 2 foul to determine whether the play actually warrants an ejection. Any rule change would have to be approved by the league’s competition committee this summer.”