David Stern: ‘Shame On The Brooklyn Nets’

by April 26, 2017
brooklyn nets

Former NBA commissioner David Stern blasted the Brooklyn Nets for resting starters in their regular-season finale against the Chicago Bulls on April 12.

The Nets rested Trevor Booker, Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez, while Sean Kilpatrick, Quincy Acy and Joe Harris all sat due to injuries.

Of course, the Bulls blew out the Nets, 112-73, and secured the No. 8 seed in the Playoffs.

While on the NBA A to Z podcast, Stern said the Nets broke an unwritten rule by throwing the game.

“I have no idea what was in the mind of the executives of the Brooklyn Nets, none, when they rested their starting players except for Mr. Lopez. None.


“They had an opportunity to weigh in on the final game with respect to Chicago. And they sit their starters. Really?


“It’s inexcusable in my view. I don’t think that the Commissioner can or maybe should do anything about it, but shame on the Brooklyn Nets.”


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