Dell Curry’s R.O.Y. Vote Taken Away

by April 14, 2010

This makes all the sense in the world. However, if I were Dell, I’d probably sneak a vote in for Stephen on the other awards: “A fantastic rookie of the year race between Stephen Curry and Tyreke Evans could come down to a single vote. Could the deciding ballot be cast by Curry’s father? That was a distinct possibility until Tuesday afternoon, when the N.B.A., citing an obvious conflict of interest, decided to pull the ballot from Dell Curry, a Charlotte Bobcats commentator, who is Stephen Curry’s father. ‘The vote will be reassigned,’ said Brian McIntyre, the N.B.A. senior vice president for basketball communications. ‘Dell Curry should not have received a vote for rookie of the year. We don’t want to put Dell in such a position.’ Teams submit their lists of local voters to the N.B.A., which can step in and reassign ballots if necessary. That is extremely rare, however, and the Curry situation was not initially flagged. N.B.A. officials revoked the rookie-of-the-year ballot from Dell Curry after it was brought to the league’s attention by a reporter on Tuesday. The league does not generally disclose which ballots have been assigned to which news-media members, but Curry openly talked about having a vote for rookie of the year. Curry, a former 12-year N.B.A. veteran, will still be allowed to vote on other awards, McIntyre said.”