DeMarcus Cousins Fined, Benched for Making Choke Sign

My only question here is, What would Paul Westphal have done if he coached someone like Reggie Miller? Probably nothing. The Sac Bee reports: “Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie regularly views the game near the visiting basket at Arco Arena in the second half of games. So Petrie had a clear view of Cousins making a choking gesture at Warriors guard Reggie Williams after Williams missed the first of three free throws. Petrie was not amused. ‘I was really surprised that he didn’t get a taunting (technical) foul for one thing,’ Petrie said. ‘I just don’t feel that kind of behavior is professional, number one, and it doesn’t reflect well on him.’ Cousins didn’t get a technical foul, but coach Paul Westphal fined him an undisclosed amount and removed him from the starting lineup. Petrie said he agreed with Westphal’s punishment. Westphal said Cousins would not be a starter again until he ‘exemplifies the kind of professionalism that we expect.’ The gesture came with Williams at the free-throw line with 19.3 seconds left in regulation.”