DeMarcus Cousins: Flopping Is Diminishing The ‘Competitive Spirit of Basketball’

Pelicans center DeMarcus Cousins says flopping is “slowly leaking out” the competitive spirit from the game of basketball.

Late in New Orleans’ 123-114 win over Denver, Mason Plumlee tried to draw a foul on Cousins with a particularly egregious flop.

After the game, Cousins lamented how players no longer take pride in good one-on-one defense (starting at 1:33):

What’s the key to controlling your emotions on the court? We see so many players purposefully try to bait you.


Boogie: “It kinda sucks. The competitive spirit of basketball is slowly leaking out. Taking pride in one-on-one defense is slowly leaking out.


“It’s more about selling calls and flopping. So you just gotta kinda ignore the B.S. and just play your game.”

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