DeMarcus Cousins on Kings’ Offense: ‘I Love it. I Love it. I Love it.’

Dave Joerger, the new head coach in Sacramento, plans to expand DeMarcus Cousins’ role in the Kings’ offense, and the All-Star center is fully on-board.

Cousins says he loves the new approach, which will require him to play in the high post more as both a facilitator and scoring threat.

Boogie says it will take time for the Kings to get fully comfortable with their schemes.

Per the Sac Bee:

DeMarcus Cousins can sum up his feelings about the Kings’ offense in nine words: “I love it. I love it. I love it.”


“A lot of learning,” Cousins said after Monday’s practice. “It’s a new system, of course, a lot of options, man. The offense is different. I think it’s a good look for our team. I think this will help this team get to the next level. So it’s about us getting the system down pat and getting these options, a lot of options.”


Last season, Cousins averaged 3.3 assists, just below his career-high 3.6 in 2014-15. He also averaged a career-high 20.5 field-goal attempts per game, including 3.2 three-pointers. […] “It’s been tough, honestly,” Cousins said. “To shake off the way we used to play, to a … more traditional way, it’s been tough, but I think guys have been great about it. We’re working hard. We’re taking in as much information as we can in a short period of time. I think we’re growing at a fast pace – still got a lot of growing to do.”

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