DeMarcus Cousins Made the Kings Cancel a Racially-Insensitive T-Shirt Promo

by February 02, 2016

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins evidently has plenty of pull within the organization—the big fella made the team cancel a T-shirt giveaway Monday night in conjunction with the Lunar New Year celebration, feeling it was inappropriate to put purple monkeys on the garments on the first day of Black History Month.

Boogie got support from Milwaukee Bucks TV analyst Marques Johnson, and the shirts were promptly taken down:

I walk into the building and DeMarcus Cousins calls me over to an animated discussion he’s having with Kings operations people. He ask me, “Olskool, what you think about this T Shirt? Told him a little insensitive on 1st day of Black History Month”. They pulled the shirts…

The Kings then went out and handed visiting Milwaukee a 111-104 loss.

Per the Journal Sentinel:

Others in the Kings organization also objected to the promotion, which was to take place on the first day of Black History Month.


Kings employees rushed to take all the shirts off seats at the Sleep Train Arena, where they were placed earlier Monday. The black shirts adorned with a purple monkey were to be given away as part of a Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration during the game between the Bucks and Kings.


Instead the shirts were stashed away before fans began filing into the arena, located west of downtown Sacramento. A new downtown arena is being built and is scheduled to be ready for the 2016-’17 season.