DeMarcus Cousins: New Kings Guards Pass the Ball More

by October 03, 2014

When the Sacramento Kings let Isaiah Thomas walk this summer, there were some hurt feelings and talk of payback on the court.

Thomas and DeMarcus Cousins remain good friends, but the big fella seems to prefer the frequency with which new Kings guards such as Darren Collison pass the rock.

As for Boogie’s own improving game, he says that he’s focused on defense, avoiding ejections and being a better leader.

Per the Sac Bee:

“Being a defensive anchor,” Cousins said when asked what he wanted to add to his game. “I really believe I can do it. Even besides that, just being the best leader I can be for this team. I know I’m not perfect and I probably never will be, but I’m aiming to be the best leader I can be for this team.”


“In order for me to be a better leader, I can’t be getting ejected, getting these technicals,” Cousins said. “Without me on the floor, it’s hard for this team to win games. (Reggie Evans) challenged me and told me no more than five this year, so I’m accepting the challenge.”


“I’m more confident being a defender,” Cousins said. “I always knew I could do it, but now I have the confidence. I don’t feel we need to go get a shot blocker because I feel I can be that person for this team. I might not be the greatest, but I feel I can be that anchor for this team.”