DeMarcus Cousins Says He’ll Release His R&B Album If He’s Voted Into All-Star Game

by January 11, 2017
demarcus cousins

In 2014, DeMarcus Cousins aka Boogie Smooth released a teaser video for his R&B album Misunderstood, which was set to feature Chase N. Cashe, Chance the Rapper and Rick Ross. The video was later said to be a joke, but in a recent interview, Cousins said that he will release the project if he is voted into the 2017 All-Star Game.

In an interview with Sports 1140 KHTK, Cousin made a deal that he will release his R&B album and it “won’t be an April Fools joke this time:”

“I think I can sing. I should release this album. You know what, I got a deal for everyone: If you guys make me a starter in this year’s All Star Game, I will release my R&B album. And it won’t be an April Fools joke this time.”

The early voting returns show Cousins sixth behind Kevin Durant, Zaza Pachulia, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis and Draymond Green in frontcourt voting.

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