Dennis Rodman to Start a Stripper Basketball League

by Peter Walsh / @goinginsquad

You can always count on Dennis Rodman for a story and this may be his most ridiculous one yet. Dennis Rodman has founded a stripper basketball league. Yes, you read that correctly, a stripper basketball league. Rodman has linked with Heaquarter’s Gentlemen’s Club, who will sponsor the first (and only) team in the league. He held a press conference earlier today at Headquarter’s in Manhattan and revealed his plans:

You look at Playboy, you look at the mansion in L.A., you look at Hugh Hefner he’s been doing this for almost 80 years…It’s been entertainment, it’s been very clean, it’s been very subdued. But this right here, this has never been done before…These girls are not just entertainers as far as just coming into adult venues just to take their clothes off, they have an interest to entertain in different areas. What’s the best way to do it? How about a basketball game?…These girls are very beautiful and have other talents…My friends that own the Cirque De Soleil in Vegas, the director said that he is going to give me a lot of his creativity knowledge wise to do a lot of halftime shows–people coming from the ceilings, people doing a lot of stuff around the videos. There’s going to be a lot of things going on besides the girls just going up and down the court…They’ll probably be body painted and have tassels on, it’s not going to be raunchy, it’s going to be very clean and elegant…It’s going to be very tastefully done…”Why is Dennis Rodman doing this kind of thing? Why doesn’t he go to the D-League and coach there?” That’s not my game, I can’t coach a bunch of knuckleheads. I can’t coach a bunch of guys who won’t listen to what I’m saying. These girls here, I don’t run these girls here, these girls have their own independent minds, it will be good for their careers…The court’s not going to be 95 feet, it’s only going to be 55 feet, the rims are only going to be eight feet…It’s only going to last 60 minutes with time running and we’re going to have entertainers and girls dancing during timeouts. It’s going to be a lot of entertaining…It’ll be fun.

No date has been scheduled for the first game. Rodman and Headquarter’s are in discussion with Rick’s Cabaret in New York and Sapphire in Vegas for competition, and proceeds will go to charities for some of the events. Stay tuned.