Denver Nuggets Plan to Bring Back Andre Miller

Veteran point guard Andre Miller may not believe in his team’s chances all that much heading into next season, but regardless, they plan to welcome him back. Per the Denver Post: “The Nuggets have a dozen (or, counting unsigned center Timofey Mozgov, a baker’s dozen) players who are talented enough to crack coach Brian Shaw’s rotation. But how many will get meaningful minutes? This week’s addition of backup point guard Nate Robinson accentuated the question. ‘It’s going to be a challenge, but what I like is it promotes healthy competition, and we have a lot of competitive guys who aren’t going to shy away from it, or pout about it,’ Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly said Wednesday. ‘We lack that traditional superstar, so it’s important to have depth at these positions. We’re three deep at every position, and I don’t think there’s much drop-off. So, in lieu of the traditional superstar, we’ve got to do it a different way.’ If the season started now, assuming small forward Danilo Gallinari (knee surgery) doesn’t return until December, the starting lineup would appear to be Ty Lawson at point guard, Randy Foye or Evan Fournier at shooting guard, Wilson Chandler at small forward — and power forward Kenneth Faried and center JaVale McGee in the frontcourt. Robinson, who averaged 13.1 points for the Chicago Bulls last season, should be expected to get key minutes off the bench. So what about Andre Miller? Asked if last season’s backup point guard will remain with the Nuggets, Connelly said ‘Absolutely.’ He said he spoke with Miller, as well as the other guards, before signing Robinson.”